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Meet Our Staff

Executive Management

Sherrie Armstrong
President & CEO
Stephanie Glenn
VP, Diversity & Engagement
Tiffany Murillo
Manager, Diversity & Engagement
Kenisha Fallen
Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Executive Affairs

Philanthropic Services

Molly Dean Bittner
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Amy Singleton
VP, Philanthropic Services
Brandon Butterworth
VP, Philanthropic Services
Sarah Arenstein Levy
Philanthropic Advisor
Curtis Shifflett
Philanthropic Advisor
Rhonda Parson
Philanthropic Services Steward
Evie Tsow
Administrative Assistant, Philanthropic Services

Civic Engagement

Vanessa Diamond
Senior VP, Civic Engagement
Gail Cavallaro
Director of Civic Engagement
Curtis "C.J." Lee
Manager, Civic Engagement
Megyn Robertson
Manager, Civic Engagement
Danée Hudson
Senior Manager, Corporate Programs
Bailey Bush
Volunteer Program Coordinator
Michael Spurlock
Corporate Coordinator


Kimberly Russell
Senior VP, Marketing
Liz Lungut
VP, Marketing
Caitlin Mabry
Administrative Coordinator
Evelyn Rinaldi
Digital Marketing Manager
Kieran Strei
Marketing Associate

Community Impact

Scott Blackwell
Chief Community Impact Officer
Audrey Trussell
VP, Community Impact
Scott Andrews-Weckerly, MSW, LMSW
Sr. Community Impact Officer, Economic Prosperity
Eric Clay
Director of Health Equity
Greg Gallop
Sr. Community Impact Officer, Community Vibrancy
Jerrika Anderson Edwards
Grant & Process Administrator
Isabel Eljaiek, MSW
Sr. Officer, Data Management and Research
Leanne Petroziello
Community Impact Officer, Educational Success


Michelle Nelson CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Matt Rose
VP, Investments
Lauren Shephard CPA
VP, Finance and Controller
Jamie Palmore
Sr. Payroll & Finance Officer
Katie Zarroli CPA
Assistant Controller
Elizabeth Oatman CPA
Sr. Accounting Analyst
Linda Walter
Finance Associate

Operations & Administration

Casey Emery
Chief Operating Officer
Katherine Busser
VP, Information Systems
Stacey Keeley
VP, Operations
Erin Wischer
Director of Operations
Cecilia Allen
Director of Human Resources
Alan Delbridge
Director of Technology and Information Systems
Leah Bowen
Sr. Customer Experience Officer
Alicia Dickinson
Sr. Customer Experience Officer
John Falk
Customer Experience Officer
Lotus Perkins
Finance & Operations Officer
Mollie Sequeira
Office Coordinator

Regional Affiliates

Lincoln Boykin
Director of Affiliate Foundations
Jonathan Putt
Philanthropic Advisor, Affiliate Foundations
Ashleigh Elliott
Regional Administrative Associate