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Kimberly Russell

Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Communications

(804) 409-5603

What Kim does at the Foundation
As Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Kim leads the foundation’s communications, media relations and marketing efforts. She also leads the team that sets strategy and marketing efforts for - a website administered by the Community Foundation that provides comprehensive data about hundreds of local nonprofits, enabling individuals and companies to make informed giving decisions. Kim has an eye for detail and is gifted in articulating the Foundation's passion for building a stronger community.

When Kim's not working
She can be found spending time with friends at a local restaurant or enjoying time with her family in Lynchburg. Kim jumps on the idea of traveling somewhere fun and says her favorite place to travel is somewhere she's never visited.

  • Year Kim joined the Foundation: 1998
  • Knows the Starbucks menu inside and out
  • Always game for lunch out with her coworkers
  • If not working in nonprofit sector, she'd be a sports commentator