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Eleanor Jones

Community Engagement Officer
Community Engagement

(804) 409-5622

What Eleanor does at the Foundation:

Focus: Learning and Leadership Development

As a Community Engagement Officer on the Foundation's capacity building team, Eleanor coordinates a calendar of accessible, equitable nonprofit professional and leadership development opportunities. She is passionate about adult learning and professional development, and believes everyone has the opportunity to be a leader in the nonprofit world - regardless of their title.

Eleanor is a change-maker and a builder. Her excitement for professional development is contagious and she continually seeks growth possibilities to help nonprofits meet their goals. She finds joy in seeing the successes and growth of our community as a whole. 

When Eleanor's not working: 

She can be found spending time outside (hiking, biking, swimming, strolling, sitting, reading eating, talking...) with her family and friends!

  • Year Eleanor joined the Foundation: 2015
  • Has 13 brothers & sisters and 18 nieces & nephews! 
  • Worked as an English teacher in Malta and Russia