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Michelle Nelson CPA

Chief Financial Officer

(804) 409-5598

    What Michelle does at the Foundation:

    In her role as Chief Financial Officer, Michelle is responsible for ensuring that financial transactions for the Community Foundation, supporting organizations, affiliates and related entities are properly recorded. She serves as the lead staff for the investment committee and manages the administration of the charitable trusts. Michelle assists with the annual audit, preparation of the financial statement and IRS Form 990, and other financial reporting needs.


    When Michelle’s not working

    She and her husband Jay can be found at any of their children’s various sporting events. Michelle loves playing tennis in her spare time and also serves on the boards of the Virginia Impact Investing Forum and the Midlothian YMCA.

  • Year Michelle joined the Foundation: 2009
  • She and her husband are both CPAs and 1st child was born on April 15.
  • Loves Tazza Kitchen
  • Best bowler at the Community Foundation