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Annette Cousins

Vice President, Community Engagement
Community Engagement

What Annette does at the Foundation:

Focus Area: Economic Prosperity

Annette approaches all that she does with a passion to serve others and create positive change. In her role as Vice President of Community Engagement, she serves – in essence – as a nonprofit help desk. Annette is committed to helping nonprofit organizations in our community excel in board and organizational development. She has a wealth of experience in the areas of governance, program development and implementation. Annette's extensive knowledge of nonprofit policy and capacity building has enabled her to help many nonprofits in our community shine.


When Annette's not working:

Annette previously served as Co-Executive Director of the Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC), a nonprofit community center in Richmond’s East End, and now serves as the president of the NRC Board of Directors. She is also a member of the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation Board. She enjoys gardening and camping with her family and is active in movements for social justice in our community.

  • Year Annette joined the Foundation: 2013
  • Has traveled to 17 countries
  • Worked as Field Executive with Girl Scouts and served on the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of VA board
  • She and her husband Charlie have two daughters, Olivia & Maggie