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Shanelle Ebanks

Coordinator, Out-of-School Systems
Community Engagement

(804) 409-5609

What Shanelle does at the Foundation:

For Richmond’s developing system of citywide out-of-school time programming, Shanelle coordinates the efforts of the many community stakeholders – including our Community Engagement team, the City of Richmond, Richmond Public Schools, and numerous nonprofit programmers and funders. Along with her passion for supporting children’s academic, emotional, and social health, Shanelle’s extensive expertise in youth development programs help ensure that this system is rooted in quality, open-access, and data-based outcomes measurements.

When Shanelle’s not working:

You can probably find her exploring a new Richmond restaurant with friends! Shanelle is always reading something too, and especially loves audiobooks and podcasts which leave her hands free to start a new DIY crafting project.

  • Year Shanelle joined the Foundation: 2019
  • Certified plant-lover
  • Enjoys baking and trying new recipes
  • Amazing car-singer