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Scott Andrews-Weckerly, MSW, LSW

Community Engagement Manager, Learning & Grants
Community Engagement

(804) 409-5622

What Scott does at the Foundation:

In his role, Scott is responsible for executing the Community Foundation’s professional development portfolio, including the Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program and ConnectVA’s learning platform.  He also collaborates with his Community Engagement teammates to discover and develop new ways that the Community Foundation can build capacity for Richmond’s nonprofit ecosystem. 

Scott enjoys marrying his experience as a boots-on-the-ground social worker with the work of his bright and hardworking teammates. Scott says, “The opportunity to find solutions that benefit our nonprofit community and really live into the motto ‘Together, we do more good’ is exhilarating.”

When Scott’s not working:

Scott loves to put on some good music and explore Virginia’s highways and byways.  He’s even happier when the road leads to one of the area’s relaxing, family-owned wineries!

  • Year Scott joined the Foundation: 2019
  • Born and raised in San Diego, California
  • Married to an Episcopal priest, who is the Rector of a church in Williamsburg that was established in 1734
  • Among his wife and two daughters, no two members of Scott’s family were born in the same state!