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Curtis Shifflett

Philanthropic Advisor
Philanthropic Services

(804) 409-5608

What Curtis does at the Foundation:

A key member of our Philanthropic Services team, Curtis regularly meets with current and prospective donors and families to help them achieve their charitable goals. Curtis also stewards donors who’ve decided to create a legacy of philanthropy through estate gifts, and he assists local nonprofits with managing their endowment funds at the Community Foundation. Curtis brings a wealth of experience in the nonprofit and academic sectors to bear in problem solving and enjoys helping donors find their passion.

When Curtis is not working:

Curtis and his wife have three awesome children (aren’t they all) and live in Hanover. Aside from the obvious joy one takes in family, Curtis is crazy about coffee, soccer and cars. He’s owned a bunch of cars; if you can guess how many, he just might buy you lunch.

  • Year Curtis joined the Foundation: 2019
  • Wants to retire to a hammock and 2 coconut trees
  • Saw his childhood idol, Pelé, play (and score) on August 6, 1977 at RFK Stadium