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Natisha Knight

Director of Community Impact
Community Impact

(804) 409-5655

What Natisha does at the Foundation:

 As Director of Community Impact, Natisha plays an integral role in moving the Foundation’s desire to create systems-level change for Central Virginia residents. She partners and collaborates with governmental agencies, elected/appointed officials, public entities, corporations, private institutions, nonprofits, and other funders to envision, develop, and execute solutions designed to address systemic issues that contribute to inequities in our community. Her primary focus is Education, Workforce Development, and Housing. Natisha also manages strategic partnerships and the discretionary grantmaking process for the Foundation’s education portfolio. 

Natisha is most passionate about collaborating with individuals and organizations to determine sustainable solutions to the issues in our region especially those that impact our historically disadvantaged population. 

When Natisha's not working:

 In her free time, Natisha enjoys traveling, trying new RVA restaurants, and creating meaningful memories with her daughter, Naysa. She also enjoys reading, DIY home improvement projects, reading, documentaries, and music. Natisha serves on several boards and volunteers to support initiatives that help uplift and inspire youth and families.

  • Year Natisha joined the Foundation: 2020
  • Always wears something red – her favorite color
  • Working to accomplish her goal of visiting every state and continent
  • Grew up in the Bronx, NY and wants to retire to Belize