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Supporting Organizations

An attractive alternative to a private foundation, a supporting organization allows individuals and families to participate in governance, investment management and a grant-focused program at fraction of the administrative cost or responsibilities of a private foundation.

The Community Foundation has relationships with the six supporting organizations listed below. These foundations are affiliated with the Community Foundation under special provisions of Section 509(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Commonwealth Foundation for Cancer Research

Bill and Alice Goodwin established the Commonwealth Foundation for Cancer Research in 2002 after witnessing several friends and family members battle with cancer. The Foundation provides funding to several institutions that show promising results in helping to move potential treatments for cancer from the laboratory to human trials.

Jane & Arthur Flippo Endowment Foundation

Jane and Arthur Flippo were generous benefactors in their home community of Hanover County throughout their lifetimes. In 2013, their private foundation was converted into a supporting organization to continue their charitable legacy in perpetuity. The Foundation will support literary, scientific and educational programs, with preference given to organizations principally serving Hanover, Caroline and King William Counties.

Jenkins Foundation

The Jenkins Foundation was formed in 1995 following the sale of Retreat Hospital. Honoring the legacy of the hospital’s founder Annabella Jenkins, the Foundation is committed to providing compassionate care for the medically underserved. Competitive grants are awarded in three strategic areas: access to primary care, access to mental health care, and prevention and treatment of substance use disorders.

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The Ann K. Kirby Foundation

The Ann K. Kirby Foundation represents a family legacy of giving that spans several generations. In 2015, the former private foundation converted to become the newest of the Community Foundation's supporting organizations. The Ann K. Kirby Foundation supports a wide range of charitable purposes including health, education, environmental causes, fine and performing arts, historical preservation and faith-based ministries in communities where there are strong family ties, including Richmond.

The Pauley Family Foundation

In 2011, The Pauley Family Foundation converted into a supporting organization. Established by Stanley and Dorothy Pauley, the Foundation supports a broad range of charitable purposes in the Richmond region, with a focus on education, health and human services.

R.E.B. Foundation

Rudolph and Esther Bunzl formed a partnership with the Community Foundation in 1987 to launch an awards program recognizing the contributions of outstanding public school teachers. In 1988, the Bunzls converted their private foundation into the first ever supporting organization. The R.E.B. Foundation now supports the R.E.B. Awards for Teaching Excellence, the R.E.B. Awards for Distinguished Educational Leadership and annual grants to educational, cultural and social service programs.

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