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Your giving options at the Community Foundation

Your philanthropic goals are our first priority at the Community Foundation. We can put your vision into action today or make a plan for the future. The choice is yours.

We accept a broad array of assets including cash and non-cash gifts of appreciated securities, real estate, life insurance, privately held stock and interest in limited partnerships. If giving is in your future, we also accept deferred gifts such as retirement plans, 401(k) plans, life insurance and proceeds from the sale of property.

5 Fulfilling Ways to Give

The Community Foundation offers several giving options, depending on what you hope to achieve through your philanthropy. Many donors take advantage of multiple strategies for tax planning purposes or to leverage their resources for greater good.

1. Establish a fund now

Creating a named charitable fund at the Community Foundation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to manage your personal philanthropy. We offer several types of funds to help you create lasting impact for our region.

Explore which fund is right for you

2. Plan for a future fund 

You may choose to leave a legacy through a planned gift such as a charitable trust, future IRA distribution or bequest. Donors who provide for the future through their estate plans are recognized as members of The Legacy Society. These gifts can be used to create a new fund or add to an existing fund.

View your planned giving options

3. Invest in a community impact fund

Donors are invited to participate in our strategic grants process, which is focused on four priority areas deemed essential to the long-term health and vibrancy of our region. You can contribute directly to one of our impact funds or collaborate on specific grants through a donor advised fund.

4. Be Visionary

The RVA Visionary Society is a special opportunity for donors of today to invest in the promise of tomorrow. Our goal is to raise $2.5 million by 2018 and invest it for 50 years. By the Foundation's 100th anniversary in 2068, the funds will become available to address the unforeseen needs of our community at that time.

Learn about this powerful initiative

5. Join a giving circle

By partnering with the Community Foundation, you can amplify your impact by joining others who share your desire to give back. Giving circles connect individuals with common interests as they pool donations, learn about community issues and collectively invest in the life-changing work of community organizations.

Discover the benefits of collective giving

"For years, I dreamed of starting a foundation but realized I could achieve my goal through a fund at the Community Foundation."

Iris E. Holliday, donor


Molly Dean Bittner
Sr. VP, Philanthropic Services

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