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Giving Together

Being involved with collaborative, responsive, and regional solutions is an integral part of our work at the Community Foundation.  Below are collaborative funding initiatives that we are creating and cultivating with our community partners. We invite you to join us in learning about and supporting these critical efforts that are offering solutions to complex issues facing our region. 

Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund 

In March, the Foundation launched the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund with the Emergency Management Alliance of Central Virginia.  As of November 1, the Fund has raised more nearly $6.7 million from 500 gifts and granted more than $5.7 million via 185 grants to organizations and localities.  The first rounds of funding targeted emergency response strategies for the region’s most vulnerable residents, providing health services, shelter for the homeless, food access, and PPE procurement. As Virginia entered Phase 3 and businesses began to reopen, the Fund began supporting longer-term recovery initiatives such as eviction prevention remedies, rental assistance, employment support services and public school reopening efforts. See updated fundraising totals and grants awarded from the Fund. 

The need: Long-term pandemic recovery support in greater Richmond for vulnerable populations 

What the fund supports: Funding is supporting vulnerable residents in our region through food access, healthcare needs, eviction prevention/rental assistance, employment services, childcare needs, and reopening/virtual learning

Dollars raised: $6.7 million  

Fundraising goal: An additional $300,000

How to donate: 

Through your donor advised fund:  

  • Login to Donor Connect and select Recommend a Grant next to your fund.
  • Choose Community Foundation for a greater Richmond as the grantee and enter COVID-19 Fund as the grant purpose. 

Online gifts:  Donate now to the COVID-19 Response Fund  

Checks, stock gifts or other assets: Click here for instructions 

Questions?  Contact your Philanthropic Advisor for assistance or to learn more. 

Regional Emergency Rental Assistance Fund 

In the wake of the pandemic, many local households are at risk of eviction.  Up to 36,000 household evictions are projected to be filed in the Richmond region, and experts believe that this crisis has only just begun. In response, the Partnership for Housing Affordability (PHA) and Area Congregations Together in Service (ACTS) have come together to promote and manage a new Regional Emergency Rental Assistance Fund (RERA Fund) with contributions from area localities and local philanthropy. ACTS will provide centralized intake to receive funding and process applications for assistance.   

The case management provided by ACTS for this effort is critical, as they will work closely with both tenants and landlords to understand their needs. PHA is supporting the initiative with strategy, outreach, communication and data, while coordinating with 70+ other human services agencies through the 211 hotline. Where state and local funds come with set criteria, philanthropic contributions to the RERA Fund offer much-needed flexibility to support individuals who may not qualify otherwise. In addition, this collaboration is the first step towards establishing a regional Housing Resource Hotline, a sustainable solution proposed in the Regional Housing Framework plan that debuted earlier this year. Read this blog for more details about the Fund. 

The need: Flexible eviction prevention and diversion support and coordination 

What the fund supports: A centralized intake process that provides financial assistance to those facing possible eviction 

Dollars raised:  $10 million 

Initial fundraising goal:  No cap

How to donate:  

Through your donor advised fund: 

  • Login into Donor Connect and select Recommend a Grant next to your fund. 
  • Choose ACTS as the grantee and enter Regional Emergency Rental Assistance Fund as the grant purpose.  

Online or by cash: Donate directly to the RERA Fund on the ACTS website. Note, all gifts to ACTS currently are going to the RERA Fund. Also see website for cash gifts. 

Questions?  Contact your Philanthropic Advisor for assistance or to learn more. 


The Amandla Fund for Social and Racial Justice 

The Amandla Fund for Social and Racial Justice is a new philanthropic initiative led by SisterFund and Ujima Legacy Fund, two Black giving circles in the Richmond region, in partnership with the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond.   

The mission of the Fund is to mobilize long-term investments to strengthen the Black community and achieve racial justice, and its value is to simply achieve an equitable world. The Fund will harness investments from foundations, corporations and individuals who want to increase access to opportunity for Greater Richmond’s Black community. Click here to read the press release announcing the Amandla Fund.

Specific funding decisions will be made by representatives from the Fund’s leadership group. Click here to read more about the Amandla Fund. 

What the fund supports:  Solutions that will expand power, build skills, and shape the narrative for racial equity in our communities, culture, and institutions

Dollars raised: $1 million

Immediate Fundraising Goal: An additional $1 million

How to donate: 

Through your donor advised fund: 

  • Login to Donor Connect and select Recommend a Grant next to your fund. 
  • Choose Community Foundation as the grantee and enter Amandla Fund as the Grant Purpose.  

Online gifts:  Donate now to the Amandla Fund for Social and Racial Justice 

Checks, stock gifts or other assets: Click here for instructions 

Questions? Contact Stephanie Glenn, VP of Diversity and Engagement at the Community Foundation 

Watch the video of the Celebration of Black Philanthropy Month 2020

Latinx Community Health Initiative

Latinx communities across the US are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 based on a variety of factors including: their representation in service industry jobs requiring frequent contact with the public, lack of health insurance or paid sick leave, and residence in densely clustered housing which makes quarantine challenging and can lead to COVID-19 transmission. In the City of Richmond, the Latinx population makes up just 6% of the overall community, but 32% of all COVID-19 cases; and in Chesterfield County, the Latinx community is 9% of the population, but 15% of all cases. 


Representatives from local health departments, the funding community, nonprofit partners and public leaders have been convening and quickly deploying resources to address the vital needs of the local Latinx/Hispanic population. Health officials are expanding testing access, using contact tracing, helping to ensure residents have resources to safely recover in isolation and are providing communities with masks to help limit the spread. Since July, $1.1M has been mobilized by several public and private sources and 15 organizations are working collaboratively to provide a first phase humanitarian response. Read our handout for more information about this initiative. 

The need:  Supporting the health, safety and well-being of the local Latinx/Hispanic population during the pandemic 

What the fund supports:  Additional money raised will support rent and utility payments, food, income replacement, Navigators and Community Health Workers and capacity development. 
Dollars raised:   $1.1 million   
Fundraising goal:  An additional $400,000 
To donate or to learn more 

Contact Scott Blackwell, Chief Community Engagement Officer at the Community Foundation 


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