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Donor Support

Please contact the Community Foundation Customer Support, by phone at (804) 409-5636 or email with questions.

Our new Fund Advisor Portal is live!

If you're a fundholder of the Community Foundation, you can now access more of your fund information online through our NEW Fund Advisor Portal. Within the portal, you can easily check your fund balance, view and download quarterly market summaries, request and track grants, add to your fund and more. The Fund Advisor Portal makes it easy to manage your fund and is available 24/7 from anywhere, on any device.  To begin, check out our Getting Started video and our Portal Guide below.

View the Fund Advisor Portal Guide


Still have questions? Read our FAQs here-

How often are fund statements posted?

Fund statements are made available quarterly. You will be notified via email when your summary is ready to be viewed in the Fund Advisor Portal.

How do I reset my password?

Contact our Customer Support Team by email at or phone (804) 409-5636. While our staff can assist you in resetting your password, please understand we do not have access to user passwords and cannot look them up for you. However, we’d be happy to reset it for you!

How long does it take for my recommendation to be processed?

Generally, recommendations are processed within five business days.

Who can I make recommendations to?

Grant recommendations must be made to 501(c)(3) organizations (including schools, churches and government entities).

What is the minimum amount for a grant recommendation?

A $100 minimum is required for each grant recommendation.

What are recurring grants?  How are they different from a single grant with installments?

Recurring grants are multiple grants of the same amount that can be set to automatically go to one organization.  If you select this option, using the "Recurring" checkbox, you can preset when the first grant will be made, how regular the subsequent grants will be issued, and how many total grants will be sent.  This is similar to using online banking to set up an ongoing series of monthly or yearly payments from your checking account.  An important distinction to note is that recurring grants will not reflect in your available balance until the dates they are paid.  Also, the recipient organization will only be notified when a new payment is sent. This is different from a grant with installments (like a "multi-year" grant).  With installments, the total grant amount is removed from your fund balance at the time that it is approved and the organization is notified of the full amount of the commitment when they receive the first installment.  If you'd prefer to make a single grant with installments instead of setting up recurring grants, please use the "Special Recognition or Request" field to alert the Foundation of your payment preferences for your grant recommendation.

Are there other ways to submit a grant recommendation?

Yes - recommendations may be submitted through email, mail or fax.

Email: send to with your recommendation. Please include the fund name, grant amount, grant purpose and any additional instruction in the email. A member of our Customer Support Team will respond with a confirmation of the recommendation.

Mail: If you prefer to mail a recommendation, you can fill out the Grant Recommendation form.  Please submit to the address listed on the form.

FAX: If you prefer to fax a recommendation, you can fill out the Grant Recommendation form.  Please submit to the FAX number listed on the form.

How do I know if a grant I recommended has been issued?

Your most recent grants paid will be listed on your Fund Advisor Portal homepage on the Grant Request tab.

Who do I contact if I’m having issues with the Fund Advisor Portal?

If you have any questions or are experiencing issues with the Fund Advisor Portal, please contact Customer Support by phone (804) 409-5636 or email for assistance.