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Society of Founders

The Society of Founders recognizes benefactors who have endowed component funds for unrestricted purposes or for purposes in a special field of interest. Each donor has contributed a minimum gift of $25,000. Income from these gifts helps build a permanent resource to respond to Central Virginia's needs as they change. 


Anonymous Donors
Helen N. Austin* 

Bank of America
Bell Atlantic Virginia Inc.
Belle Bryan Day Nursery Foundation
Burton M. Bland
Ruth Clune Boswell*
Lizzie Edmunds Boyd*
Betty Jane Brown*
D. Tennant Bryan*
    in memory of Mary Davidson Bryan          
Buford Academy
Jane Bock Carner*
Catherine B. Chilton*
Circuit City Foundation
Frederick G. Coffield*
Dr. Waverly M. Cole*
Dr. John R. Cook*
CSX Corporation
Elizabeth K. Dalton
Mr.* & Mrs. Frederick Deane Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Dennis*
Celia M. Elder*
Ethyl Corporation
Fenton Finch Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Fuleihan*
Horace B. Gans*
W. Brooks George*
Eleanor H. Gordon
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd D. Gottwald Jr.
Grace House Inc.
Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray
Gumenick Properties
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Hannold
Martha Henna Harris*
Mr. & Mrs.* Peter Hunt
Emily S. and Coleman A. Hunter*
James River Corporation
Amanda Bryan Kane*
Mr.* & Mrs. Alexander Kay Jr.
Dorothy H. King
F. M. Kirby Foundation Inc.



Fred W. Kittler Jr.
Kathryn Haynes Knight*
Mr.* & Mrs. Sydney Lewis
David May
Alan McCullough Jr.*
Elizabeth F. McDuffie*
Media General Inc.
Nancy Mittledorfer*
J. Leonard and Dorothy B. Moore*
Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia
Stanley R. Navas*
Henrietta J. Near
Mr. & Mrs. Moses D. Nunnally Jr.*
Robert W. Orrell*
Frances R. Parker*
Jack M. Parrish Jr.*
Mabel G. Peasley*
Emma Warrener White Perry*
R.E.B. Foundation
Rosalie Saunders Rawlings*
Walter S. Robertson Jr.*
Sanders Foundation
Mr. & Mrs.* Robert S. Scheu
Mrs. W. L. Skinner
Southside Child Development Center
J. Curtis Spayth*
Sally Spotswood*
Dewey Stallard*
Cynthia Elise Stephenson*
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Stettinius
Mr. & Mrs. Harold P. Straus*
SunTrust Bank
Anne Wight Taylor*
Barbara J. Thalhimer*
Lisa M. Thalhimer*
Lawrence M. Tyus*
Rosa Delarue and
Ernest Warriner Valentine*
G. Elisabeth Vietor*
Wachovia Bank
Frank G. Wagner*
Lois M. Whitter*
Mary H. Williams*