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RVA Visionary Society

In anticipation of the Community Foundation's 50th Anniversary in 2018, the Community Foundation announces the RVA Visionary Society - a special giving opportunity that offers visionary donors a way to lead that will benefit the Richmond and Central Virginia Region 50 and 100 years from now. The concept is inspired by Benjamin Franklin, who left bequests to Boston and Philadelphia predicated on their stewardship of the asset for 100 years before expending funds to benefit their citizens. 

The goal is to raise $1.5 million for the RVA Visionary Society by 2018, which, with compounding interest, is anticipated to produce at least $100 million by the Foundation's 100th anniversary in 2068. At that time, 80% of the funds will begin to support the most pressing needs of our community, while the remainder will be invested for another 50 years.

Members who contribute $25,000 and Friends who contribute a minimum of $5,000 will be announced at the Foundation's 50th anniversary luncheon and recognized in annual reports going forward. 


Anonymous (5)
Dru and Karen Booth Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Farhad Aghdami
J. Read and Janet P. Branch
Barbara A. and Joseph B. Brancoli
Judith Haskell Brewer Fund
Brockenbrough Family Fund
Tom and Susie Byer
Jill and Louis Campbell
Brian M. Cann
J. P. Causey Jr.
Mr.* & Mrs. Michael T. Chalifoux
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Chewning
Mr. & Mrs. David Cottrell
The Hon. & Mrs. E. Hatcher Crenshaw Jr.      
Mary Lou Doherty and James L. Doherty*
Molly and Drew Dunnington
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Gayner
Leesa and Gordon Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hill
Pamela Royal Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kemper
Philip W. Klaus Jr.
Andrew Stanley Kratz Fund
Mr. & Mrs. H. Morris Logan
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Luke Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Markel
Alice Reed and Hunter* McGuire Jr.
Michele A. W. McKinnon
Dorothy L. Deane Miles
J. Clifford Miller
W. Michael Moorefield, Miranda M.
     Reynolds and Melissa M. Saulsbury
Darcy S. Oman and Gerald E. Dzura
Nancy and Franklin Phillips
     Charitable Fund
Christine Kane Plant
Mr. & Mrs. E. Bryson Powell
Dee Ann and Jim Remo
Pam and Frank Royal
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart C. Siegel



Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Sisisky
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Sledd
Ryan and Elizabeth Thalhimer Smartt
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Snead Jr.
Kelly and Kirk Tattersall
Ms. Barbara Thalhimer
Barbara B. and James E. Ukrop
Jayne and Bobby Ukrop
William L. Van Arnam
Virginia Nonprofit Housing Coalition
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Williams

In memory of his maternal
grandparents Kate Peterseil and
Maxene and Aleck Mollen

Adam Thalhimer

In honor of our children Adam, Jill, Matt,
Jamie and Katie – and grandchildren
Benjamin, Annie, Eli, Holland, Nathan,
Keller, James and Maeve – and more
to come!

Bobby and Marilyn Thalhimer

In honor of our children &

Sallie and Bill Thalhimer

In memory of Dr. Samuel William
Newell and in honor of his wife Martha
Daniel Newell

Sam and Emily, James, Chase
and Addie Gottwald

Friends of the RVA Society
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin C. Ackerly
Erwin H. Will Jr.

Petersburg Visionary Society
Elizabeth and Oliver Pollard
Sandra Sisisky


Be a visionary. See what the RVA Visionary Society offers to donors who want to make a difference.

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