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Amandla Fund for Social and Racial Justice

The Amandla Fund for Social and Racial Justice is a new philanthropic initiative led by SisterFund and Ujima Legacy Fund, two Black giving circles in the Richmond region, in partnership with the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond.

Pronounced “ah-MOND-la,” the fund derives its name from the Nguni word for "power and strength” and was a popular rallying cry in the days of resistance against apartheid, used by the African National Congress and its allies in South Africa.   

The Amandla Fund represents an important investment in Black-led philanthropy and a long-term endowment that will serve to strengthen the Black community in Greater Richmond and dismantle systemic racism in its various and insidious forms across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  

The Fund will harness investments from foundations, corporations and individuals who want to increase access to opportunity for Greater Richmond’s Black community. Its goals are to begin dismantling the four centuries of sustained and breathtaking oppression of the Black community by investing in solutions that will result in: 

  • Economic uplift of both Black people and places;  
  • Leadership development and placement of Black voices in all levels of public, corporate, philanthropic and community life; and  
  • Seeking out and eliminating the cancerous racism found in policies and institutions throughout our local, state and national infrastructure. 

Specific funding decisions will be made by representatives from the Fund’s leadership group. 


How to Give

The Community Foundation accepts charitable gifts in a number of ways. If you are interested in supporting the Amandla Fund with a donation, please see your options below.

To give online, click below:

Donate Now

To donate by check:
Make your check payable to "Community Foundation" with "the Amandla Fund" in the memo field and mail to our secure lockbox:   

Community Foundation for a greater Richmond  
PO Box 76495  
Baltimore, MD 21275-6495  

To recommend a grant from your donor advised fund:

  • Login to Donor Connect and submit a grant recommendation. Select the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond as the grantee and enter Amandla Fund for the grant purpose.