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The Community Foundation Blog

Year-End Giving Strategies and Reminders
By The Community Foundation / November 26, 2019
Learn how you can make the most of your year-end giving by working with the Community Foundation.

Goals of the Workforce Development Coalition
By The Community Foundation / November 22, 2019
The Workforce Development Coalition recently debuted four common goals that will guide their actions as they move this system forward.

'Seen & Heard' at the Civic Impact Summit
By The Community Foundation / November 14, 2019
View our collection of photos and quotes from this engaging event that raised the collective civic voice from across all sectors of the region.

Census 2020: Why It Matters
By The Community Foundation / October 24, 2019
Not only is census data the basis for reapportioning Congressional seats and redistricting electoral boundaries, but census information also determines how $675 billion in federal funding is distributed to support state and local community programs.

Arts by everyone, for everyone
By The Community Foundation / October 9, 2019
With a similar focus on equity and access, the Community Foundation has developed a unique partnership with CultureWorks by pooling resources from its Community Arts Endowment to bolster the Cultural Equity program.