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The Community Foundation Blog

Meet Audrey Trussell, VP of Community Impact
By The Community Foundation / May 6, 2022
Meet Audrey, the new Vice President of Community Impact at the Community Foundation! Learn more about Audrey as she settles into her new role.

The Power of Good: How Volunteers Make a Difference
By The Community Foundation / April 11, 2022
How can nonprofits ensure that they’re providing a high-quality experience for their volunteers? How can volunteers connect with meaningful opportunities that generate real impact? Civic Engagement Managers Curtis Lee and Gail Cavallaro answer these questions and more.

How Allison Thomas Approaches Restorative Giving
By The Community Foundation / March 23, 2022
Though she’s always lived in California, Allison knew her family roots extended back to Colonial Virginia. When her genealogical research uncovered her family’s history of enslavement, she decided to take her inheritance and invest it back into Virginia’s Black communities.

Get to Know the
By The Community Foundation / March 22, 2022
Sarah Arenstein Levy and Greg Gallop, who are experts in donor advising and community engagement respectively, share more about the Giving Store and why it has become a popular way for donors to fund urgent needs in our community.

Q&A with Wendell Fuller
By The Community Foundation / February 11, 2022
Wendell Fuller, electrical engineer turned financial advisor, founded and operates Fuller Wealth Advisors and serves on the Foundation's Professional Advisor Council.