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Meet our Program Officers
By The Community Foundation / December 4, 2019
Meet our Program Officers

Here at the Community Foundation, our team thrives on the ideal that “Together, we do more good.” We care deeply about Greater Richmond and consider it a privilege to be partnering with you. We strive to connect donors to the nonprofits they love, nonprofits to available resources, and the community at large to the power of philanthropy.

Let us introduce - or reintroduce - you to our four program officers who are responsible for community investment portfolios that align with the Foundation's four focus areas. Each person brings a unique set of skills and experiences that make them well-suited for their role. Their work involves research, analysis and recommendations for funding. However, their most important role is building and maintaining relationships that extend beyond the life cycle of a grant, as well as working with you to identify ways the Community Foundation can help build greater capacity within and across the sector. Our program officers are your nonprofit resource, championing the strategic and innovative work that flows through your organization into the lives of families and children who are served.

Annette CousinsAnnette Cousins, VP of Community Engagement and Programs

Focus Area: Economic Prosperity

Annette's previous experience includes running a nonprofit community center, managing grants and supporting volunteers for the Girl Scouts, and providing technical assistance to nonprofits in the areas of board and organizational development. She now leads this outstanding team of program officers. Her portfolio primarily includes organizations, initiatives and coalitions most directly involved in lifting people out of poverty and expanding opportunities for all residents to thrive. Our goals for achieving Economic Prosperity are:

  • Residents access and maintain safe and affordable housing in thriving, sustainable communities
  • Residents have the financial knowledge, skills and resources to support themselves and are able to access career and economic opportunities

One thing you may not know about Annette: She is the go-to person in the office for capturing a bug/spider – and safely relocating it outside.

Eric ClayEric Clay, Senior Program Officer

Focus Area: Health Initiatives

As a senior staff member for anchor health care institutions in Baltimore such as Johns Hopkins University and Bon Secours Health Systems, Eric was instrumental in designing and implementing strategic initiatives to address social determinants of health for marginalized populations. In his current role, Eric is the lead staff for health organizations and initiatives under consideration by the Community Foundation and the Jenkins Foundation. For the Community Foundation, he seeks to advance the following goals in Health and Wellness:

  • Residents have access to comprehensive and coordinated preventive services and quality health care
  • Residents are connected to resources that meet their health, nutritional and safety needs

One thing you may not know about Eric: He can actually move his ears without using his hands.

Stephanie GlennStephanie Glenn, Senior Program Officer

Focus Area: Educational Success

Stephanie is committed to the success of every child in our region, bringing with her a background in youth and educational programming. She received her Masters in Public Administration and previously served as a program manager for the United Way of South Hampton Roads. In her role as program officer, Stephanie is regularly out in the community, meeting with organizations to determine the next steps forward to achieve the following goals for Educational Success:

  • Children begin school ready to learn and are supported academically and socially throughout their educational experience
  • Youth become skilled, self-sufficient and contributing members of the community

One thing you may not know about Stephanie: While in the sixth grade, her team won the double dutch contest and she can still double dutch to this day.

Greg GallopGreg Gallop, Program Officer 

Focus Area: Community Vibrancy

Greg’s background in Political Philosophy, Policy, & Law demonstrates a keen interest in people and the systems that affect them. His love for the arts - a medium for individuals to express universally human stories - drives his work to break down barriers and promote collective understanding to create a more vibrant community. In his work as a program officer, Greg enjoys getting to know the organizations that build connections and bring a sense of vibrancy to our region, as he looks for opportunities to partner with them to achieve the following goals:

  • Residents are enriched and educated through a diverse offering of arts and cultural activities in their communities and schools
  • The region’s historic, cultural and natural assets are supported to enrich current and future generations

One thing you may not know about Greg: He’s had a beard since age 12 and doesn’t plan on shaving it.

It is our pleasure to be of service to you and we look forward too connecting with you soon! 

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