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Sacred Heart Center: Supporting the Latino Community During COVID-19
By The Community Foundation / April 14, 2020
Sacred Heart Center: Supporting the Latino Community During COVID-19

Even though many local nonprofits are limiting on-site programs as part of their COVID-19 precautions, Sacred Heart Center is still finding creative ways to support Richmond’s Latino community.

One of the few organizations in the area dedicated to serving the city’s low- and moderate-income Latino population, this trusted Richmond-based nonprofit is uniquely positioned to help Latino individuals and families overcome barriers to access. The SHC is set to begin distributing computer equipment so adult and youth students can participate in their online classes, and they have also implemented curbside pick-up options for their food bank, which has recently been expanded, so that community members can safely access necessities for their households.

“We realize that this is just the beginning of a moment that is uncharted, uncertain, and increasingly difficult as the days pass.  We are committed to upholding our mission of connecting Latino families with tools to thrive and flourish by pivoting our services in response,” said Tanya Gonzalez, Executive Director of Sacred Heart Center.

The Community Foundation is proud to support these efforts with contributions from the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund. Activated in partnership with the Emergency Management Alliance of Central Virginia, this fund is providing rapid support to community organizations and public agencies that are meeting the needs of individuals and families most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sacred Heart Center is also launching a new Emergency Relief Program, which will provide immigrant families critical support. A Community Foundation donor is directly supporting this effort to ensure that individuals and families can remain in their homes during these uncertain times.

“We acknowledge that our vision of a Richmond that embraces each other in our shared humanity is more dear and important than ever now, even while we are apart,” Tanya Gonzalez said, “and we are grateful for the partnership and support of the Community Foundation, in solidarity with immigrant families.”

Learn more about Sacred Heart Center at their website.

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