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Funding Focus: Early Childhood Development and Education
By The Community Foundation / May 10, 2022
Funding Focus: Early Childhood Development and Education

Over the past several years, we have focused on identifying high impact investment areas that offer low-income residents the greatest opportunity to succeed. Within those areas, we prioritize strategies that provide educational enrichment and wealth-building to affect multiple generations. In this “Funding Focus” series, we will highlight the three high impact areas where the Foundation seeks to advance and scale pace-setting work: Early Childhood Development and Education, Workforce and Career Opportunity Development, and Affordable Housing.  

Early Childhood Development and Education

The focus on Early Childhood Development and Education is part of our overall strategy to support local youth's long-term educational advancement and eventual workforce preparation. We know that children who participate in high-quality early childhood programs are more likely to experience long-term outcomes like graduating high school, retaining employment, and securing higher wages in their lifetime.

Currently, these investments center around:

  • Home visitation and coaching for children under two and their parents with interventions that improve health, socialization, and preparation for school; and
  •  strategies for literacy competency by 3rd grade.