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Get to Know Matt Rose, VP of Investments
By The Community Foundation / May 25, 2022
Get to Know Matt Rose, VP of Investments

Meet Matt Rose, the new Vice President of Investments at the Community Foundation! In this new role, Matt works closely with the Foundation’s Investment Committee (and those of our affiliated foundations) to develop and execute investment strategies that will grow charitable resources for long-term community impact. He also enjoys spending time with donors (and their advisors) to identify how investments can help them achieve their philanthropic goals, and with colleagues to consider innovative ways to fund the Foundation’s work. We sat down and asked Matt a few questions as he’s getting settled into his role. 


Tell us a little bit about the experience you’re bringing to this role at the Community Foundation.

I earned my MBA from UVA’s Darden School of Business in 2013 and I’ve been a CFA Charterholder since 2005. I bring a broad scope of financial experience to this position – I’ve worked on both the investing side and the corporate side of finance, so I understand the analytical process behind investment decisions as well as the process behind managing finances for an organization. Serving the community is also important for me, and I’ve served on a number of nonprofit boards. This role allows me to bring my financial expertise and my interest in nonprofit work together. 


Why are you excited to work at the Community Foundation?

In the financial investment space, the scale and sophistication of our investments is really interesting and challenging work. Combine that with the fact that the Community Foundation has a wonderful mission for the city and the region, and on top of that, it’s been a great group of people that I’ve met here! With those three things together, this is an extraordinary place to work. 


Why is this new role important for the Foundation?

As the Community Foundation continues to grow, we want to stay focused on expanding our donor base and maximizing our impact. My background and expertise will help support the increased business that we see as a growing organization, while also bringing fresh eyes and new ideas on how to engage with our stakeholders to provide the best experience possible. There are some opportunities for innovation that are already underway, and I’m excited to lend a hand to shape and scale those initiatives. 


What are you excited to tackle in your role in the next few months?

I’m very much in learning mode right now, so the most important thing I’m doing is getting to know our stakeholders – board members, nonprofit leaders, my teammates at the Foundation, and more. I’m also learning more about the nonprofit sector and how we can best serve our team members, our clients and the community. 


Beyond work, what do you enjoy doing? 

My wife and I have three boys, ages nine, seven and five, and they’re a ton of fun. We moved from Charlottesville to Richmond in 2018, so the city still feels new to us, and we have a great time exploring what Richmond has to offer. I’m also a voracious reader, I enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors and I’m a huge Manchester United fan. 


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