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A new look, a renewed purpose
By The Community Foundation / June 11, 2018
A new look, a renewed purpose

The Community Foundation is excited to introduce our new brand—one that allows us to honor our past while preparing for our future. The world has changed since we were established 50 years ago. Our community is more diverse, our needs are different and our desire to give back is growing. But one thing has not changed, and that is the need for leadership to connect our community and be a catalyst for positive change.

With input from staff, board members, volunteers, donors, nonprofits and community members, this new platform allows us to proactively meet the challenges of today. With 50 years of experience and the region’s most expansive network of partners, the Community Foundation is uniquely positioned to catalyze change, address the balance of opportunity, and help our remarkable community rise to greater heights. 

A new promise, “Together, we do more good,” captures our spirit of collaboration and the shared purpose running through our organization. We’ve identified three audiences with whom we hope to collaborate and serve: donors, nonprofits and community members.

To complement our renewed brand promise and audience messaging pillars is a logo with a mark that represents the ripple effect of good when we all work together.

Our new brand signifies a recommitment to ourselves to deliver the leadership, expertise and partnership needed to do more good with, and for our community.

Join us.

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