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Honoring the Vision of Buford Scott
By The Community Foundation / March 27, 2017
Honoring the Vision of Buford Scott

Southern gentleman. Accomplished professional. Devoted volunteer and lifetime philanthropist. Buford Scott is all these things and more. With a blend of humility, compassion and business savvy, he is a powerful champion for organizations he holds dear. With some, his commitment goes back to the beginning, as it has with the Virginia Council for Economic Education (VCEE).

“Virginia is a national leader in economic and financial education, largely because of Buford,” says Dan Mortensen, Executive Director of VCEE. “For decades, he has advanced the cause by publicly and privately advocating for our mission and encouraging others to join him. People want to work with Buford because he makes his case on the merit of his own character and his genuine passion for what we do.”

Buford Scott’s commitment is grounded in the philosophy that economic education helps level the playing field for all students, regardless of their personal circumstances. In 1970, he joined other business and education leaders to establish VCEE to train and equip teachers who provide quality economic and financial literacy education to the state’s K-12 students.

Today, the model serves 2,000 teachers and reaches 200,000 students each year. In addition, Virginia is one of only three states that require a full year of education in economics and personal finance. Through a network of affiliated university-based centers, VCEE works to give students real-world financial skills that enable them to make better informed decisions.

VCEE recently established the S. Buford Scott Endowment for Economic Education in Virginia at The Community Foundation not only to expand the Council’s impact today, but also to ensure Buford’s vision of “financial literacy for all” reaches generations to come. As this permanent fund grows, Virginia will continue to benefit from a stronger workforce, more informed consumers, a more informed electorate and well-trained teachers.

“Buford delights in speaking with teachers, who are the direct beneficiaries of what VCEE does, and with students about the influence education has had on their lives. Buford wants them to succeed and so do we,” notes Mortensen.

Buford is a founding board member of The Community Foundation as well and we are pleased to be a part of honoring his charitable legacy. If you would like to make a gift to the S. Buford Scott Endowment for Economic Education in Virginia, you may do so at
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