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The Community Foundation Blog

Donor Spotlight: Elizabeth Dolan Wright
By The Community Foundation / June 10, 2022
Born and raised in Richmond, Elizabeth Dolan Wright first learned about the importance of generosity by observing her mom and dad as they made charitable giving a household priority. Now back in Richmond with her young family, Elizabeth and her husband J.D. are exploring how they can make their own impact.

Six Reasons to Choose a Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund
By The Community Foundation / May 25, 2022
Donor advised funds at a community foundation, like the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond, offer donors an opportunity to strengthen their community and maximize the impact of their charitable giving in ways that commercial gift funds cannot.

Giving Strategies: Closely-held business interests
By The Community Foundation / May 25, 2022
With the millions of closely-held businesses that aren’t publicly-traded, many of your clients may have an untapped opportunity to give corporate interests, especially considering that private equity fundraising continues to soar. 

Funding Focus: Early Childhood Development and Education
By The Community Foundation / May 10, 2022
The focus on Early Childhood Development and Education is part of our overall strategy to support local youth's long-term educational advancement and eventual workforce preparation.

How Allison Thomas Approaches Restorative Giving
By The Community Foundation / March 23, 2022
Though she’s always lived in California, Allison knew her family roots extended back to Colonial Virginia. When her genealogical research uncovered her family’s history of enslavement, she decided to take her inheritance and invest it back into Virginia’s Black communities.