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The Community Foundation Blog

Giving Season Strategies and Opportunities
By Evelyn Rinaldi / November 1, 2023
Completing your 2023 charitable giving before year’s end can reinforce philanthropy’s win-win value proposition: you can check a task off your list by supporting causes and organizations that are important to you and receive key tax benefits. Furthermore, those in need will appreciate your generosity and you will feel a greater sense of the season’s spirit. ​ ​

By Evelyn Rinaldi / October 26, 2023
​For 2023 gift acknowledgment, please consider the deadlines outlined in this article. The following set of dates are specific to giving through the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond if you’d like a charitable gift to be accounted for in 2023.

A Legacy of Learning: The Holliday Family Fund for Scholarship
By Evelyn Rinaldi / October 23, 2023
For Iris E. Holliday, the meaning of philanthropy is best captured by the well-known Gandhi quote: Be the change you want to see in the world. As a child, she felt blessed to have parents who led by example – through weekly church tithing envelopes, being truly neighborly, or engaging in volunteerism and community activism. “As I grew into my own person, giving was the rent I paid for living and being increasingly blessed.”

Donor Spotlight: Jean and Rob Estes
By The Community Foundation / June 14, 2023
Learn how long-time Richmonders Jean and Rob Estes prioritize giving back to the community.

Estate Planning: Tips for Communicating Your Wishes with Family
By Evelyn Rinaldi / May 31, 2023
Although it can seem challenging, communicating your estate plans with family is a key step in ensuring that your wishes are honored after your passing. In May, the Foundation held an exclusive event for fund donors and their advisors, featuring an expert panel to discuss tips to consider when creating and communicating your estate plans with children or heirs.