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Impact 100 Celebrates Giving $1M in 5 Years to Richmond Community

Founded in 2009, Impact 100 Richmond has spearheaded a collective-giving philanthropist initiative aimed at combining members’ financial resources to build and gift $100,000 grants to nonprofits through a member-led selection and voting process. In just under a decade, the women’s organization has grown to 300+ members representing women from across Central Virginia region. In this same time, Impact 100 members have awarded $1.4 million dollars and 14 grants to local non-profits including Shalom Farms, Children’s Home Society, YWCA, and Art 180. These nonprofits have used the grants to fund “shovel ready” transformational projects to address the communities they serve. 

This volunteer led organization has increased fundraising and strategic efforts in recent years and are now awarding two $100,000 grants each year, investing a cumulative $1 million in five years. 

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be a grant recipient of Impact 100, and to work with the women that are part of the organization,” said Tanya Gonzalez representing 2016 grant recipient, the Sacred Heart Center. “A year ago, in an amazing act of solidarity, we received the infusion of funds to begin our immigration work. Because of the funding, we are now providing access to pro bono immigration legal services for families where there previously was none in Richmond. In addition to that, we have developed a deep partnership with the women of Impact 100, who are now engaged in the issue, willing to learn, and to be advocates for the families that we serve. That partnership extends far beyond the funding, and we are very grateful.” 

Impact 100 Richmond isn’t just about writing the check and raising the grant funds. Throughout the giving season, the organization hosts member networking events, community learning opportunities and members are encouraged to get involved in the grant proposal process with the participating non-profits. “Most Impact 100 members join because they want to be a part of transforming Richmond’s community, said Impact 100 Chair, Jill Lemon. “Most of our members stay because they recognize a transformation in themselves. From day one to present, my membership experience has provided me with so much more than I could have expected for my financial investment. Education, camaraderie, connection, self-discovery, confidence and leadership skills are just a few of the unexpected benefits of being an Impact 100 member. Being a part of Impact 100 has transformed my perspective, my views and shifted my estimation of just how powerful a group of smart, committed women can be when given an opportunity to belong.” 

Although Impact 100 Richmond is led by a member-volunteer Board, it relies on a partnership with the Community Foundation that provides administrative support and thought leadership. “Impact 100 is an inspiring example of what happens when passionate people unite for a common purpose,” said Sherrie Armstrong, CEO of the Community Foundation. “As a champion for collective philanthropy, the Community Foundation applauds these dedicated women for growing and sustaining a movement that allows nonprofits to dream big and creates a ripple effect of good throughout the region.” 

In May 2018, Impact 100 Richmond concluded its ninth season, awarding two $100,000 grants to Conexus and ChildSavers for their work with juvenile vision care and mental health services, respectively. Following an 18-month strategic planning process, the Impact 100 leadership team will kick-off milestone Year 10 with a new membership structure and additional grant program. At the Big Give event, Incoming Chair, Carol Anne LaJoie, announced a new “Neighborhood Catalyst Grant” initiative aimed at awarding small increment “seed” funds to nonprofits who are actively supporting a neighborhood selected by the Impact 100 members.

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