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2020 Nonprofit Learning Preview

By Scott Andrews-Weckerly

DECEMBER 4, 2019 — The Community Foundation is excited to offer a 2020 learning agenda that gives participants relevant skills, supports organizations’ operational excellence, and elevates the day’s most important issues. Here’s a look at what to expect in the first quarter.

Demystifying Data: Adopting a data-driven mindset for your organization

February 4, 2020

On February 4th, we kick off the year with a convening that takes the fear out of data and points nonprofits toward a data-driven mindset. The day’s keynote speaker will be Trina Willard of the Knowledge Advisory Group, who will leave the group affirmed by their organizations’ ability to “own” their story with meaningful data. You will also hear from the Community Foundation’s own Isabel Eljaiek, who has gone from writing grants to working side by side with her nonprofit peers to identify meaningful measures for their own projects. She will take guests through the Foundation’s outlook that data uniquely communicates the impact nonprofit partners make in the community. Michael Parsons of Peter Paul Development Center will follow by sharing his experiences and tips as a frontline practitioner who uses data to refine his practice and boost his agency’s effectiveness every day.  

Following a networking lunch, ChildSavers CEO Robert Bolling will offer a C-suite perspective on the ways his agency’s data-driven mindset supports some of Richmond’s most vulnerable youngsters. The day concludes with a speakers’ panel moderated by Robins Foundation’s Tyonka Rimawi, who will remind us all that data is only as important as the ways it supports the wellbeing of actual people. We’re looking forward to such an energizing day, and we can’t wait to welcome nonprofit staff, leaders, and executives.

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Next Convening: March 31
The Community Foundation is pleased to hold quarterly nonprofit convenings in 2020, but with an intention to remain nimble and open to emerging needs and topics that are most relevant to our collective work. Please save the date for the next event on March 31st, for which the topic will be announced at a later date.

1st Quarter Skills-Based Training

We are pleased to offer nonprofit staff and leaders a chance to deepen their operational excellence with the following practical courses:

The first quarter of 2020 promises to be one that lifts the work of Richmond’s entire nonprofit system.


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