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Giving Black®: Greater Richmond Debuts First Study of Local Black Giving

FEBRUARY 3, 2021 — Despite a rich tradition of giving that spans generations, Black communities tend to be underrepresented in conversations about philanthropy. Through the Giving Black®: Greater Richmond initiative, the Community Foundation has partnered with the region’s African American giving circles, SisterFund and Ujima Legacy Fund, to change the narrative and uplift the power and influence of Black philanthropists.

The Giving Black® study, shepherded by researchers at New England Blacks in Philanthropy, launched in August 2019 as an opportunity to study the trends, capacity and impact of Black philanthropy in Greater Richmond. This study included the analysis of over 350 surveys completed by local Black philanthropists, in addition to numerous interviews and focus groups. In January 2021, the completed report was released during a special online event with 200 attendees from across the nation.

The event summarized several key takeaways from the report, including:

Ranking the most important social issues to Black people
Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents ranked economic equity as the most important social issue.

Do you volunteer your time?
Nearly all Black donor respondents reported volunteering their time.

In the past 12 months, how much did you give philanthropically?
One-quarter of Black donors’ reported donations were at least $5,000 or above.

Economic opportunity by income: Do you think Richmond is a place of economic opportunity for Black people?
Lowest-income Black donors are among the most positive on Richmond as a place of economic opportunity.

Watch: Giving Black® event video

“We implore you to take the findings of this study, and—in addition to working with us on collective strategies going forward—use this study to change the narrative,” said Veronica Fleming, co-founder of SisterFund and Giving Black® steering committee member. “Use this to speak the truth, to inform and direct everything that is done with your dollars within your peer circles, your neighborhoods, the funding community, your advocacy and public policy strategies, and in your churches.”

Read the Giving Black®: Greater Richmond report

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