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Community Foundation launches pilot program for skills-based volunteering

In recent years, the nonprofit sector has seen an increased demand for skills-based volunteering. Nonprofits strive to stretch their resources and expand their impact while creating meaningful volunteer experiences, and at the same time, professionals seek to lend their talents and expertise to strengthen the capacity of local organizations. Skills-based volunteering is where both needs can be met. For example, a nonprofit working on reviewing their financial policies can connect with a volunteer who has a background in accounting. 

To match skilled volunteers to the needs of local organizations, the Community Foundation has launched a new pilot program called Skills Connect. This online system helps nonprofits develop and post skills-based volunteer opportunities that are well-scoped and structured to accomplish a key goal. The system then allows volunteers to express interest in volunteer opportunities, which nonprofits can accept based on the skills needed for the project and the skills offered by the volunteer. 

“Skills-based volunteering isn’t new, but it can be difficult to coordinate, so Skills Connect makes it easier for volunteers to connect with the organizations they’re interested in — and easier for nonprofits to find volunteers who are qualified for specialized projects,” said Alan Delbridge, Nonprofit Program Manager with the Community Foundation. “We’re always looking for new ways to connect good people to good action, and Skills Connect is another way to make that happen.” 

To learn more about Skills Connect and how you can get involved, visit the Skills Connect webpage or contact