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The Community Foundation and R.E.B. Foundation announce recipients of 2022 R.E.B. Awards for Teaching Excellence

(RICHMOND, VA) – The Community Foundation and the R.E.B. Foundation are pleased to recognize 25 outstanding public-school teachers selected as finalists for the 2022 R.E.B. Awards for Teaching Excellence. Considered among the best in their field, these instructors demonstrate a sincere passion for teaching while also serving as mentors, coaches and champions for their students. Selected from 75 nominees submitted by students, parents and colleagues, 16 winners and 9 finalists will receive cash grants totaling $206,000. 

The R.E.B. Awards provide opportunities for area public school teachers to continue their own love of learning as they pursue adventures of a lifetime.

Connected by a desire to make their lessons relevant, all 2022 awardees will have the chance to collect real-life experiences, stories and artifacts to renew their passion for teaching and enhance their ability to bring subject matter to life for their students.


Kara Barton - Old Hundred Elementary School (CH) - $14,500
To cultivate wonder, support student inquiry, and provide multiple means of expression while developing early literacy skills by visiting Reggio inspired classrooms in the United States and abroad.

Jamar Billups - Armstrong High School (RI) - $12,500
To explore the universal humanity at the core of creating and revering symbols by drawing connections in how those in London and Jerusalem hold reverence for their respective symbols to those who live and die in the gang-infested projects of Richmond.

Kimberly Bliley - Lloyd C. Bird High School (CH) - $14,000

To understand how students with intellectual disabilities are supported by New Zealand’s Disability Strategy by learning its application in education and employment and participate in an inclusive and non-disabling society.

Jennifer Deckert - Chesterfield Virtual School (CH) - $12,500
To explore building community, kindness, and compassion in the classrooms of Denmark which established mandatory empathy classes for all students and is known as the second happiest country in the world.

Jacqueline Dondero - Deep Run High School (HE) - $8,500
To retrace their family’s escape from Nazi Germany by traveling to historical locations in Europe in order to explore the place of historical storytelling in the classroom.

Madison Horne - Rural Point Elementary School (HA) - $7,500
To become immersed in the early childhood literature that has gripped the imaginations of children and inspired generations of readers and writers.

Erik Leise - Atlee High School (HA) - $13,500
To research the evolution of written language from hieroglyphics to Helvetica by traveling to Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland.

Samuel Leone - Cosby High School (CH) - $15,000
To travel North America and Europe exploring diverse engineering applications including architecture, rollercoasters, sporting equipment, motorsports, and fine woodworking to enhance knowledge of engineering and manufacturing processes.

Stephanie Loker - O.B. Gates Elementary School (CH) - $11,000
To implement play-based learning into the kindergarten classroom by exploring classrooms in London and Oxford, England, and by attending a play-based early education conference in Miami.

John Ryan Nunez - Franklin Military Academy (RI) - $13,500

To delve into the relationship between Hawaii's people and its natural environment in order to explore the influence of tropical ecosystems on his Pacific Islander heritage and the impact of Hawaiian civilization on the natural flora and fauna.

Victoria Parent - Monacan High School (CH) - $15,000
To study indigenous and colonial history of the Philippines, deepen understanding of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) identity, explore generational immigrant experiences, and increase AAPI voices in English curriculum.

Kathryn Pike - Douglas S. Freeman High School (HE) - $14,000
To hike, cycle, and photograph portions of the network of trig pillars in varying terrains of Britain with a goal of recreating the mathematical surveying process used to conduct the retriangulation of Great Britain.

Ashleigh Russell - Albert Hill Middle School (RI) - $13,000
To travel the United States and Mexico to make real-world cultural connections that will heighten student engagement in mathematical understanding by providing a culturally responsive learning environment.

Nicole Stonestreet - Manchester High School (CH) - $15,000
To study the development and evolution of Democracy as it followed various trade routes through Greece, Italy, and Croatia around the Adriatic Sea.

Monica Thomas-Moore - Barack Obama Elementary School (RI) - $7,500
To travel to Paris to learn new cooking styles in order to enhance skills and share with students how math and science play a large role in our daily lives.

Julia West - Providence Middle School (CH) - $10,000
To collaborate with English as a Second Language teachers across the country; participate in a Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica; and attend a TESOL Conference.

>> Learn more about the R.E.B. Awards for Teaching Excellence and how you can nominate a local teacher in 2023.