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Upcoming Events

The Community Foundation is privileged to work with all the key groups that make up our ecosystem of local philanthropy – from individual donors and volunteers to local nonprofits and funders. 


Together, we believe we can leverage our collective strengths and amplify our impact. This is why we are committed to hosting events and opportunities that help forge connections, stimulate innovative thought, and push us towards greater alignment and collaboration.


Our learning agenda is designed to:

  • Cultivate nonprofit leadership and operational excellence;
  • Encourage individuals and businesses to fully explore their options for civic engagement;
  • Learn together about the issues that are most pivotal to making the Richmond region a place where all residents have an equal opportunity to thrive.

Below you will find a list of our upcoming learning opportunities. If you have ideas for future topics or convenings, please share them with us at


Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership & Excellence

We are committed to developing high-quality courses that are responsive to the needs of local nonprofits and help them build strength from the inside out. Through a combination of engaging instruction and peer support, participants will gain the skills, connections and strategies they need to guide their organizations to greater effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

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Exploring the Power of Civic Engagement

We believe that people are at the center of change. Join us to explore how people, businesses or organizations can become more deeply engaged in the community and use their influence to advocate for issues they care about most. Our programs – often hosted in collaboration with other community partners – are designed to help participants develop a personal plan for action, join community conversations that allow for diverse perspectives, or learn how our collective commitment to strong civic culture leads to stronger communities.


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Understanding the Issues Shaping Our Region 
Individually and collectively, our ability to make a lasting difference is enhanced when we are well-informed about the people, policies and projects shaping our region. Join us to dive into several key issues where the Community Foundation is investing its leadership and financial resources to help our region move towards equity. We will hear perspectives from state and local experts, examine the decisions and patterns that have led to widening opportunity gaps, and discuss potential solutions for improving systems and helping more individuals and families achieve upward economic mobility. 


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