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Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership & Excellence

We are committed to developing high-quality courses that are responsive to the needs of local nonprofits and help them build strength from the inside out.

Through a combination of engaging instruction and peer support, participants will gain the skills, connections and strategies they need to guide their organizations to greater effectiveness and long-term sustainability.


14 -- Fund Development Planning 101 – What is it and Why is it Important? 

Understand why a fund development plan is critical for your agency’s success, use planning templates and review basic fund development concepts and elements for success. Led by Laurie Jarrett Rogers. ($30) 

21 -- Fund Development Planning 102 – Recurring Gifts, Prospect Research, and Database Management

Learn how to research donors who are most likely to give; organize those prospects in databases that ensure regular contact and meaningful. Led by Jennifer O’Rourke. ($30) 

28 -- Earned Revenue: A Route to Sustainability 

Identify ways to earn revenue within your tax-exempt purpose to create sustainability beyond contributions and grants and learn when income might be subject to taxation. Led by Randy Rollins. ($25) 

30, 7, 14, 21, 28 -- Volunteer Management Fundamentals 

Learn essentials for attracting, engaging and leading volunteers with weekly on-demand lessons, group coaching sessions and action plans in this 5-week intensive series. Led by Tobi Johnson. ($297) 


3, 10, 17 -- Grant Writing Three-Part Series 

Discover the basic principles of grant writing, how to research and approach funders, and the essentials of proposal writing. Led by Laurie Jarrett Rogers. ($100) 

5 -- Nonprofit Board Basics 101 

Learn skills to be an effective board member and see how successful nonprofit boards work, while networking with board leaders from across the region. Led by Scott Andrews-Weckerly. ($50) 

19 -- Give Your Board’s Engagement a Rocket Boost 

Explore multiple strategies to ensure your Board deeply understands their connection to your mission and how to translate that connection into action and support. Led by Sue Kindred. ($25) 

20 -- Governance Basics for Nonprofit Treasurers 

Board Treasurers will focus on the tasks and responsibilities for regulatory compliance and sound governance, beyond “keeping an eye on the books.” Led by LaKrisha Watson. ($30) 

26 -- Avoiding Sticky Situations: Effective Volunteer, Staff, and Board Relations

Decipher the roles of Board members and volunteers in different organizations, their responsibilities, how to transition between the two and recommendations for staff interaction. Led by Amy P. Nisenson. ($25)