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Exploring the Power of Civic Engagement/Action

We believe that people are at the center of change.

Join us to explore how people, businesses or organizations can become more deeply engaged in the community and use their influence to advocate for issues they care about most. Our programs – often hosted in collaboration with other community partners – are designed to help participants develop a personal plan for action, join in community conversations that allow for diverse perspectives, or learn how our collective commitment to strong civic culture leads to stronger communities.


1 -- Civic Tool: Understanding our Democracy 

The divisions in our democracy are rooted in our country’s and our city’s own history. Julian Hayter and Ana Edwards will help us understand how our shared past informs the crises in democracy we are experiencing today. Speakers: Julian Hayter, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond, and Ana Edwards, Public Historian. 

8 -- Civic Tool: Collective Self-Care  

Radical self-care means getting to the root of our experiences and intentionally living to support our overall well-being. It is also required in order to build better relationships with others. Ashley Williams will share why inner work is necessary for civic action – and how we can begin to use our awareness and self-identity to pursue our collective resilience. Speaker: Ashley Williams, Yoga Therapist and Founder of Mindful On Life and BareSOUL Yoga. 

15 -- Civic Tool: Discovery 

The discovery of information and the ability to evaluate its reliability is a fundamental civic tool. Richmond librarians and researchers will help us understand how information is valued and share practical tips on how we can find and use data and evidence. Moderator: Martha Heeter, Executive Director, PlanRVA. Speaker: Chris Ball, Associate Professor of Psychology at William & Mary. Panelists: Nia Rodgers, Public Affairs Research Librarian at VCU Libraries; Patty Conway, Community Relations Coordinator at Henrico County Public Library; and Amy Wentz, Civic Leader. 

22 -- Civic Tool: Difficult Conversations  

With Secretly Y’all, we’ll hear real-life stories from people who have had difficult conversations that helped bring forward understanding. Then, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities will guide us in exploring key tools for embarking on brave conversations. Facilitated by Secretly Y’all and Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.