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What We Fund? A Thriving Community.

Together with our private and public sector partners, we are invested in building a strong and sustainable community of nonprofit organizations through which we address the economic mobility needs of our community.

When investigating any of our grant opportunities, we ask that you pay close attention to application deadlines, which can vary by grant type.

Community Impact Investments

Our results-based grantmaking framework enables us to make more strategic investment decisions and measure their impact in our four focus areas:

Our community impact officers work throughout the year to identify opportunities that further our community's ability to meet the needs of our region. This support can include funding for general operations, programmatic funds, policy-related advocacy, leadership development and planning initiatives. In addition, we will consider funding for innovative and emerging work across the community, such as resident-led initiatives in targeted neighborhoods.

Our Community Impact Investments are open to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations serving the Richmond and Central Virginia region that are seeking program or operating support. 


Our Partners in Community Impact

The Letter of Introduction (LOI), a part of our Community Impact Investments process, serves as an entry point and introduction to many of our partners in Community Impact as well as individual donors. LOIs are also utilized for select invitation-only processes not listed below, such as the REB Foundation and the Pauley Family Foundation.


The Amandla Fund

The Amandla (pronounced ah-MOND-la) Fund was created by Richmond's Black giving circles SisterFund and Ujima Legacy Fund, in partnership with the Community Foundation, to mobilize long-term investments that will strengthen the Black community and achieve economic and racial justice. Learn more at Amandla Fund for Economic and Racial Justice.

Conserve the Future

The Conserve the Future Fund supports projects and organizations with a focus on benefiting the environment, conserving natural resources and enhancing regional sustainability.  The focus is predominantly on supporting project-based efforts rather than annual operating budgets. Learn more about the Fund here.

Jenkins Foundation

The Jenkins Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that have the potential to make a significant impact on the quality of health, especially for uninsured, under-resourced or vulnerable populations. The foundation generally focuses on primary care and mental health needs as well as the treatment of substance abuse disorder.

Sheltering Arms

The purpose of the Sheltering Arms Fund is to complement and extend Sheltering Arms Hospital mission by funding health related initiatives that serve uninsured and underinsured adults who are experiencing physical or cognitive disabilities or who are at risk for developing functional limitations. Learn more here.


SisterFund invests in local nonprofits engaged in helping African American women and girls chart a positive future for themselves through gains in education, workforce, leadership development, and health. Learn more here.


Ujima Legacy Fund supports projects in the Richmond region that will promote equitable outcomes among youth and young adults, ages 12 to 21 years, with emphasis on Black/African American youth. Learn more here.

Additional Special Funding Opportunities

The Community Foundation supports several other grant programs that serve a specific objective that, while complementary, fall outside the priorities or timeline associated with our Community Impact Grants program. In some cases, these special funding opportunities reflect the charitable vision of a local donor or community partner, while others were created to inspire new ideas and new audiences to advance community change. Opportunities include the Richmond Christmas Mother Fund and the Fund for Animal Welfare.

Learn more about our special funding opportunities.

"Whatever your idea may be to make the community a better place, the Foundation facilitates meaningful discussion and planning to help you do it."

Mark Sisisky, Community Foundation donor 

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