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Advisor Perspectives: Working with the Community Foundation

The professional advisors we work with have access to our staff's expertise and a number of other resources to address any question or need their clients may have concerning their philanthropic giving.

Don't just take our word for it, though. See what your peers have to say about working with the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond.

Farhad Aghdami, Partner at Williams Mullen

On complex gifts and the Community Foundation

"I frequently work with clients to develop strategies for transferring wealth, and when I do, the Community Foundation is there to fill a key supporting role in handling the complex gifts that are often a part of these strategies. The Foundation is a true asset for our community.

Dee Ann Remo, President & CEO at Heritage Wealth Advisors

On not losing assets under management

"Introducing the Community Foundation to my clients has helped me broaden my relationship with them. It enhances their trust in me, which has come back two-fold either through additional assets under management or invaluable referrals. The Community Foundation is definitely a strategic partner for Heritage Wealth Advisors."

Maureen Ackerly, Partner at Armstrong, Bristow, Farley, & Schwarzschild

On expertise in philanthropy and community knowledge

"As I assist clients who are charitably-inclined, I enjoy partnering with the one organization that serves as the hub for philanthropy and nonprofit work in our area. The Community Foundation is that 'go-to' charitable resource and I value their input tremendously."

Jen Flinchum, Partner at Keiter

On partnering with the Community Foundation

"The Community Foundation has been a great partner for several clients who wanted to make large charitable gifts, but did not want to establish their own Private Foundations. The Foundation not only assists with administration, but also provides valuable input to help clients refine their giving goals and identify organizations that meet their criteria. In one instance, the Community Foundation worked with several generations within a family to develop a coordinated approach to meeting their giving goals."

Giving Through the Foundation: Your Clients' Options

The Community Foundation offers a wide range of giving options that your clients can use to establish or contribute to a named charitable fund. We accept cash and other gifts, such as appreciated securities and real estate. If your clients are looking to leave a gift upon their passing, we have a number of planned gift options, as well.

20 Questions About Donor-Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund is the most popular vehicle for charitable giving available today. Why? It allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction and recommend grants to charities of their choice. Learn more about the benefits of donor-advised funds and other resources available in our Advisors' Toolkit.

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Considering Alternatives to a Private Foundation?

The Community Foundation can help the board of a private foundation transfer its assets and establish either a donor-advised fund or a supporting organization. And there's no tax or penalty on the transfer. Call the Foundation at (804) 330-7400 to learn more.


Contact Brandon Butterworth to learn what the Community Foundation can do for your clients.
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