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Working together for greater impact

Partnerships are the key to helping Richmond prosper. We are all members of this extraordinary community that depends on our engagement to address critical challenges.

At the Community Foundation, we dedicate ourselves to connecting individuals and organizations to realize the full power of philanthropy. We are driven by relationships and working closely with diverse partners to fulfill the promise and potential of this great place we call home. Because, together, we do more good. 

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in maintaining the health and vibrancy of our region, and they share important insights into the communities and people they serve. That’s why we work in partnership with nonprofits to amplify their efforts.

We also partner closely with local professional advisors to ensure a seamless experience for their clients. Not only can we help advisors fulfill their clients planning needs and charitable wishes, but we can provide added efficiency and share first-hand knowledge of nonprofits serving our community.

At the same time, we actively collaborate with community leaders, peer funders and motivated individuals to coordinate efforts in service of common goals. 

By empowering and mobilizing an inclusive network of changemakers, we can solve our community’s most pressing challenges and make the Richmond region a place where everyone can thrive.