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For Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in maintaining the health and vibrancy of our region. We believe in their work and we are committed to helping them be successful. In fact, our own success to create positive change depends on it.

The Community Foundation maintains a solid commitment to build a strong and sustainable network of local nonprofits. Community organizations are important partners in understanding the needs of our community and where our collective resources can be useful. We not only provide funding opportunities, but also facilitate collaborations, connections and leadership programs that help nonprofits achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

What We Offer

  • Community Investments - You can explore our grant programs, designed to help nonprofits build internal capacity and deliver programs to communities they serve.
  • Online resources — Visit to find or post job listings, funding opportunities and community events.
  • Volunteer connections & readiness training — Go to to post service projects, find motivated individuals and access volunteer management resources.
  • Agency funds - When you establish an endowment with the Community Foundation, you will create a perpetual source of support for your organization without the hassle of investment or administrative oversight.

With input from our donors and community partners, the Community Foundation has identified four priority areas based on the short- and long-term results we hope to achieve. Click on the categories below to learn more about our objectives and how we are working in these areas. 

Interested in consulting with a staff member from our Community Engagement Team? Email to set up an appointment. 

"The Community Foundation is a leader in addressing critical needs in our community. They are so innovative and I appreciate being affiliated as a donor with such a high-quality foundation."

CommuniTy Foundation donor